Black Angus Steakhouse was founded in 1964 in California and now has 44 locations in 6 states. Their specialty is steak with an emphasis on cuts not usually available on restaurant menus. The portions are large and the dining is casual. Black Angus Steakhouse’s also feature a full menu of other offerings including chicken, lobster, salads and desserts. They have sports oriented bar areas where people can gather for a drink or enjoy an appetizer while they wait for their table. The Black Angus Prime Club is their signature membership club offering select fresh cuts of steak to members.

Each time you eat at a Black Angus Steakhouse you will get a unique survey number on your receipt. By taking the time to fill out the survey online, not only will you help them keep finding more hot concepts to keep your experience and food fresh, but you’ll get rewarded by being entered for a chance to win their monthly drawing for a $100 Black Angus Steakhouse gift certificate.

What You Need:

  • Computer or Smart Phone with Internet Access
  • Store Location Number (located on the top of your receipt)
  • 7 or 8 minutes free time

How to Complete the Survey:

  1. Got to the website.
  2. Enter the store location number printed on the top of your receipt and click on the arrow.
  3. Select the language you wish to take the survey in and click on the arrow.
  4. Answer all the survey questions by clicking on the answer choice you prefer. Make sure to click on the arrow.
  5. Fill out the comments section if you have any personal comments to add and click on “Submit.”

Please note: All of your personal information is kept secure and private. The answers on your survey are private and not associated with your contact information. Honest answers are the only way to help improve Black Angus Steakhouse’s service, menu and make your next visit even better.

Don’t ignore the open comment box. Your personal comments are the best way for let each store know who is doing a great job and how they can improve the quality of your next experience at all of the Black Angus locations.