Baja Fresh is a Mexican grill restaurant that was opened in the year 1990. The restaurant chain has meals that are traditional grilled Mexican plates. The restaurant is keen on offering high quality food which is made from fresh ingredients as the name suggests. “Live Fresh” is the restaurants philosophy in all activities that they indulge in, this also includes community service in the society. They put emphasis on farm fresh, handmade food. Thereby, good nutrition and healthy eating is a mission that the restaurant strives to achieve in order to make you active with positive energy. Customer feedback is a priority at Baja Fresh as it takes into account your feedback on the meals offered. In order to give you, the customer that “wow” experience at Baja Fresh, they have developed a quick survey for you to partake of. In appreciation of the time you take to fill out the survey at the end Baja Fresh will give you a code you can use on a future visit to receive a discount. Below we have provided a quick guide to completing the survey and redeeming you discount code.

Required to participate in survey:

  • Computer with access to the internet.
  • Receipt from a recent purchase at your local Baja Fresh restaurant.

Steps to complete survey:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows click the link here we have provided for you.
  2. Locate the store number at the right top corner adjacent to location name in the receipt.
  3. Fill the store number which is also on your receipt in the rectangular box immediately above the arrow.
  4. Click on the arrow to begin the survey.
  5. Answer each question honestly and accurately with correct information about your experience at Baja Fresh. Then submit the survey.

Once the survey comes to an end, you will be issued with a redemption code. Write down the code on paper. Further, the final page will provide you details on the prize that will be awarded to you by Baja Fresh.