Alexa is a subsidiary of Operating out of California, the company provides data on commercial web traffic. Founded back in 1996, today the website provides global rankings of websites, traffic data and further information on over thirty million websites. As Alexa receives over ten million visitors a month, it’s understandable that you may want to cancel your account at times.

Required to delete account:

• A Computer or Laptop or Mobile Phone or tablet with access to the internet
• An Alexa account.
Steps to Delete Your Alexa Account:
1. First go to and sign into your account.
2. Next, go to the tab that read “My Account” and click on it.
3. From there, find the Dashboard tab heading and click on it.
4. The next page will provide you with a site management tab. Click on that tab and choose the “Subscription” link from the drop down menu that appears. Doing so will bring you to another page.
5. This page will provide you with two choices: “Upgrade” and “Cancel Subscription.”
6. Click on the “Cancel Subscription” tab.
7. Next, go to the “Cancel Button” and click on it to finalize cancelling your subscription. There is also a “Back” button if you no longer wish to pursue cancellation.
Once this process is finished, you will have cancelled your account. Doing so means your website will be removed from the Alexa dashboard. The “Claimed” designation provided for that website when you joined will also be removed. Cancellation also means you can no longer edit the information for that website.
As this decision is final, it’s a good idea to understand the full weight of what cancellation will do. Of course, you can always re-claim or subscribe later, but it’s best to think it through the first time.