AccountNow was first established in 2004 as a market innovator to provide alternative online banking solutions. The company was rated the number one firm for online banking solutions for persons that have been rejected by other banks by Quantcast is 2008. The company is Internet-based and provides banking solutions for those that have not been able to place their funds in other banking institutions. AccountNow provides its clients with an AccountNow Prepaid Card account to help them better manage their money in a safer, easier, and cheaper way.

An AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card works in the same way that an online checking account would. Clients are able to withdraw their funds and make purchases using the Visa card how they would use a debit card. As a tremendous benefit, there are no overdraft fees associated with the account because you are only allowed to spend as much money as you have available in the account. There are also no check cashing fees because you are able to have your payroll directly deposited onto your account AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card. Perhaps the best feature of the AccountNow Prepaid plan is that there is 100 percent approval guaranteed to all persons that apply regardless of bad credit history. Below is a guide on how to activate your AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card.

Requirements to activate your AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card:

  • You will need a computer or device with Internet access
  • You will need your AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card

Steps on how to activate an AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows, click the link we have provided here:
  2. Enter your AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card number into the space provided, retype the number into the second space, and then click “Submit.”
  3. You AccontNow Prepaid Visa Card will then be activated and will be available for use within a time frame that will be provided by the company.