If you are looking for a site that will allow you to easily apply for a credit card then this is the site. This site provides you with the access to many different cards for people will different types of credit. Applying for credit cards online makes it convenient and fast. The choice for your cards will check your credit history first and then decide on the cards that you will be able to qualify for. This helps to narrow down the decision making process for you and makes it easier for you to find a card that can handle your needs.

Required to apply online:

  • PC with access to the internet
  • Personal information such as address, full name, SS#,etc.

Steps to apply online:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or click the link here we have provided.  www.acclaimvisa.com
  2. When you get to the site you site you should click “check your estimated credit score”. This is a green button.
  3. When the new page loads you will want to answer the questions that are asked of you and then click “get credit score estimation”. This is to be able to get a potential credit score.
  4. Once you know your estimated credit score you will then be able to look at the type of cards that are offered. There are even some cards out there that are prepaid cards that you can use if you have bad credit that will help you when it comes to building your credit score back up and this can be beneficial in being able to get another type of credit card later down the road.
  5. Continue to follow the instructions on the site to be able to apply for the cards that you potentially qualify for. You will find that different cards offer different features so you will want to compare the features that are offered when making a decision on the card that is going to suit you the best now and in the future.