You cannot show that you are a resident of India based only on your residence or your birth place. In India as well as most of the rest of the work it is imperative that you have proof of identity. The Aadhaar card has the purpose of making sure that all citizens of India get a social identity card that is unique. Indians that migrate from rural to urban face the fact that they may lack to prove their identity. The card is given from the India government to prove residency as well as identity. The number is 12 digits long and there are demographic and biometric information that help to make it unique for each individual. Any India resident has the ability to apply for a card and when the application is successfully completed and the verification is complete the card can be issued. Here is how to check your status.

Required to check status:

  • PC or Tablet with access┬áto the internet
  • Personal Information to verify account

Steps to check Aadhar status:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or click the link here we have provided.
  2. Once on the site you will need to click in the box next to enrolment number. Once you have click you will then need to type your number in.
  3. Click on the next box next to date and time. Here you need to enter the date and time.
  4. When all information is entered and has been checked to make sure it is correct you can then click “check Aadhaar chard status”. When you do this a new page will load and you will be able to see the status of your card.

At the top of the main page you will also be able to click on links to check the delivery status, have your status explained, contact us, and view the privacy policy. These links will load new pages that will give you more information and you will simply need to follow the directions on those pages to get further information that you are looking for.