In the modern age there is more need for online security as more and more people collaborate through chat and remote control.  The need for remote secure support of computers at all kinds and even smart phones has led to significant security risks.  They can now be combated by using the services of Logmein Rescue.  This can lower the total support costs, and decrease the average time taken to handle the problems of all computer users.  This will make customer support for all sorts of organizations to fix problems for clients on the outside, and also the problems occurring within an organization.

Today there are many threats that a computer can face from viruses that can be downloaded by accident or on purpose.  As these threats start to attack your computer, there are few things the untrained person can do, that is where the access to computer mechanics who can fix them can be expensive and time consuming.  Getting your computer fixed through a simple download is the simplest and quickest manner to solve your computer problems.

With all of the new threats being developed each and every day, it is going to be important to have a quick solution that is easily accessible for anyone.  This does not seem to be happen any time too. Remember to be certain of the help that you are receiving before you download any type of program to your computer.  Some programs would obviously do more harm than good.  That is why it is great that you use a trusted service like Below is a guide on how you can connect with Logmein Rescue online.

Required to connect with Logmein Rescue online:

  • A computer, tablet or even a phone that has access to the internet
  • Valid 6 digit code (given to you by official representative with 123Rescue)

How to connect with Logmein Rescue online:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browseer or if your system allows click the link here we have provided:
  2. Enter in your 6 digit code.
  3. Then click  the “start download” button. This will start the session.
  4. During this session the technician should be able to control your desktop.
  5. This will allow them to search through the potential problems.
  6. They can then troubleshoot all of the problems and find appropriate solutions.