Nike Inc is an American corporation that has registered operations around the globe. Founded in 1968 under the name of Blue Ribbon Sports, their name officially changed to Nike in May of 1978. The name is taken from the Greek Goddess Nike, who represents victory. They design, develop, and sell high quality shoes, apparel, and other athletic gear. They are one of the largest retailers of these niche gear and services worldwide. With stores all around the globe that employ more than forty-four thousand people globally, the brand is valued at an estimated $10.7 billion dollars, with annual revenues in excess of $24 billion dollars. This makes them not only a top Forbes 500 company, but the most valuable sports brand in the world.  Nike sells some of the best quality foot apparel and athletic gear in the world. Their stores serve millions of people. As a result they have a strong need to find out how their customers are feeling about their interactions with their brand and their stores. In order to do this, they have put together a customer satisfaction survey. To show appreciation to customers who complete the survey, they are giving away a $5 Nike gift card at the end of the survey.  Below are some quick steps to complete the survey and receive your gift card.

Required to complete the survey:

  • Computer with access to the internet.
  • Receipt from your last visit to your local Nike Shop

Steps to complete the survey:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows click the link here we have provided for you.
  2. Enter the survey invitation code in the box presented and press Begin Survey.
  3. The survey should take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. Answer each question to the best of your recollection with details about your most recent visit
  4.  At the end of the survey, you will need to give them a valid contact email.

Once you have submitted the survey you will receive a email with your gift card. Only one gift card can be used in a transaction and only one per visit, however, the survey can be done once every 24 hours, but you will need a valid receipt each time.