Like most people you may be one that like to shop. Whether you like shopping for video games or hunting supplies to department clothing stores or online ecommerce sites it seems like all the companies provide some sort of credit card. When you apply for these cards offered by a partnering bank the store usually gives you great savings. Some stores will even give you a larger savings on your first purchase with that new card enticing you to apply for their store credit card. Usually you can apply for these credit cards right in store but most if not all these stores now offer you the ability to not only apply but keep track of your purchases online.

Our guides were developed to help simplify the online portion of you shopping and savings experiences. They provide easy steps allowing you to apply for these credit cards the stores have to offer. Once you get the credit card you almost always have to activate that card. Once again we have a guide for that. We provide step by step instructions on how to activate your credit card and register for online access. All this will make it easy for you to shop and save.