Everyone who’s ever used audio speakers has heard the name Bose, and since the company was founded in 1964, it has become one of the most reputable brand names in speakers and headphones.

In a market study published by the Forrester Research group, the Bose brand name was included among the most trusted computer and consumer electronics brands in the US. Currently, its products are comprised of many items in the audio-visual niches.
Once you’ve bought a Bose product, Bose considers you a customer for life. You can take advantage of the support Bose provides its customers by registering your product.

How to Register With Bose

  1. Go online and visit global.bose.com/register.
  2. Once you’re there, you’ll see a page with four banner options: Americas (the accompanying picture shows both North and South America), Asia Pacific, Europe, and Middle East and Africa. Hover your mouse pointer on your category, and the banner will extend to display individual countries that belong to each category.
  3. Click on the country you currently reside in.
  4. You’ll then be taken to the product registration page. You’ll get the reassurance that you’ll receive any applicable software or product updates so you can continue to enjoy what you bought for years to come.
  5. Choose the product you’d like to register from the offered categories: Wave systems, Headphones, 5.1 Home theater systems, 2.1 Home theater systems, Soundbar systems, Speakers, Bluetooth / iPod speakers, and Other solutions. Click on the particular product link.
  6. The next product registration page is a form that you’ll have to fill out.
  7. Fill in the box for the Bose product serial number. Usually that’s a 17-character letter-number combination which you can find at the back or bottom of the product or product component. These serial numbers are also typically on a silver background. The exceptions are the Bose headphones and headsets which use a different numerical code. Read up on the product literature to help you find the serial number, although you should start checking around the earcup first.
  8. Fill out the rest of the fields, such as details about your name, address, and day phone. You can also choose to receive email updates on new Bose products and promos.
  9. Click the Register my Product button at the bottom of the page and you’re done.