Every year McDonalds runs a great game of Monopoly on certain menu items. There are millions of dollars in prizes, and this year is no exception. The official site offers many different ways to win. Guide Alert has provided you with instructions on how to play the game as well as links to download a free gameboard and information on entering a sweepstakes to win a FIAT 500 Cabrio.

Ways to Win

PEEL– To plat McDonalds Monopoly this way, you can receive game pieces on certain food items purchased from Mcdonalds. This years items that have pieces are the following:

a. Large Fries (4 Game Pieces)

b.  10 Piece Chicken McNuggets (2 Game Pieces)

c.  20 Piece Chicken McNuggets  (4 Game Pieces)

d. FiletOFish Sandwich (2 Game Pieces)

e.  BigMac Sandwich (2 Game Pieces) 1 Big Mac Contains a $1 million prize!!!

f.  Medium/Large McCafe and blended beverages ( 2 Game Pieces)

g. Large Iced Coffee and Extra Large Orange Juice (2 Game Pieces)

h.  Medium Fountain Drinks. (2 Game Pieces)

i. Fruit and Maple Oatmeal. ( 2 Game Pieces)

j. Egg McMuffin, Suasage McMuffin, Egg and Egg White McMuffins. ( 2 Game Pieces)

k. Hash Brown. (2 Game Pieces)

l. Premium McWrap. ( 2 Game Pieces)

Now the Game Pieces on these items can either be instant wins for free food,items, or the will be a Monopoly Property. These properties you will want to collect to try and get a complete set. They will state the prize on them if you get the entire set. You can download the gameboard but going to www.playatmcd.com and click on the DOWNLOAD GAME BOARD button. You will be able to download in both English and Spanish.


With online play, this gives you yet another chance to win prizes. There are over 1 million prizes available in this part of the game. Each game piece will have a 11 digit Online Game Code that you will need to play to win.

You will need.

1. Computer with Internet Access.

2. Valid Email Address

3. Game Piece from the McDonalds Monopoly Game

4. Go to www.playatmcd.com

5. Once you arrived, enter the 11-digit code located on game piece in the box at top of page that says ENTER CODE HERE.

6. If this is your first entry, you will be required to dreate account. Click CREATE ACCOUNT button once the page loads.

7. Fill out required information and enter verification code supplied.

8.  If you have already signed up, you will want to sign in instead of creating account each time.

9. Once step 6 or 7 is finished, you will be informed of the status of your code.



Each time you enter a game code of any of the pieces online, each time you will receive and entry into the online Sweepstakes for the Fiat 500 Cabrio. These can include free codes from certain bags.

Enjoy the Game and feel free to leave comments on items you have won….