So you received in the mail a letter stating that you recently made a Red Light Violation and that you now owe a certain amount of money to pay that violation. Sometimes people disregard these letters since it was captured by a third party, but did you know that in some counties/cities that they can revoke or not let you get your vehicles registration until this violation is cleared?  So now you have decided or are forced to pay the violation. Below is a quick guide as to how you can pay your violation as well as how to  view pictures or even a video of the violation in some cases.

Things you will need:

1. You will need a computer with access to the internet.

2. The letter/violation information form that you received in the mail.

a. Off the letter you will need your Notice # and the Pin# (  both located towards the top right).

To Begin.

1. You will need to copy and paste the following into your browser to get to the page required or if your system allows just click the following link.

2. To just go ahead and pay your ticket, you will see the option to PAY TICKET on the left side middle of page. You will first need to insert your Notice and Pin# in the required fields to access YOUR violation.  You can use most forms of payment methods including a CC or even a eCheck.

3. If you would like to first View your violation, that option is located in the middle of the page where it is titled View Violation.Again once this is selected you will again need to enter both your Notice# and Pin#. Once done this will send you to both the options to see still images of your violation and in most cases and short video showing the violation as it happens.

You can view your violation as many times as needed and can log in and out of your account as many times as needed. According to the placement of these cameras have drastically dropped the amount of accidents and deaths associated to running red lights. In some states the fees collected from the violation go towards certain programs the are set up to help that city or state.

Any other  questions you may have in regards to your violation may be answered in the FAQ section on the same website. This option is located middle page, far right.