In 1969 the Gap started in San Francisco and they focus on clothes that are sustainable, wearable, comfortable, and affordable. The clothing that they focus on is casual and consist of classics such as jeans and shirts that are comfortable. The look is popular among the younger population. Due to the popularity the company continues to grow and has expanded to all parts of the world. This company has options when it comes to credit cards as well. These cards are designed to meet the needs of the customers and allows them to earn points for loyalty as well. You can do many things online when you are a cardholder like accrue points, manage the account online, and more.

Required to manage account Online:

  • Have PC or tablet with access to the internet
  • Be a GAP credit card holder
  • Card holders name and account number

Steps to manage account online:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or click the link here provided.
  2. If you have registered your account already you will be able to log in by entering your userid and clicking “log in”
  3. If you are not already registered you will need to click “register”.
  4. Now you need to enter the account number.
  5. Click “continue” in order to validate the account.
  6. You will need to continue to follow the directions on the site until your account has been fully created. Once this happens you will be able to login to the site and get all the great features that come along with having an account and the online access.

The information that you enter on the site is reported to your credit authority and this will allow you to go forward with purchases. This is a great mechanism for forward motion with the desires that you have for your credit as well as any plans that you have in the future.  Make sure that you keep all your information up to date with your credit authority and you will likely even be able to change your address and manage other aspects of the account online as well.