One method Tilly’s gets feedback on their customers is through their survey website at Tilly’s primarily sells skate and surf clothing online and in their store locations nationwide. Their interest in feedback proves they actually care about the shopping experience of their customers, and desire to improve upon it.

Who is Tilly’s and how long have they been around? Tilly’s online store has been around since the early part of 2001, but their retail shops have been around much longer than that, as they primarily sells goods related to skating surfing and snowboarding. This includes apparel as well as accessories such as backpacks and cases. Most of their products include name brand items that most customers are familiar with.

Taking the survey is a breeze, and can be done by following the steps listed below.

  1. Go to which will redirect you to the survey page.
  2. Choose the state and city in which you purchased your gear, as well the the location option that pops up.
  3. Fill in the date, time ad the salesperson which can be found on your receipt from the purchase you made.
  4. The next step allows you to recommend Tilly’s by a rating of 5 circles. You can see how to rate this by the thumbs up and thumbs down on both ends.
  5. After clicking next you are asked to rate how welcomed you felt when you entered the store.
  6. Next you are asked if you were approached during your visit by an associate, and if they presented any promotions or offers when doing so.
  7. After that you are asked if an associated followed up with you to ensure your needs were met while shopping.
  8. You are then asked if you were given a thankyou and goodbye from the customer service person at the checkout.
  9. You are now asked about your overall experience on the following page which you can rate accordingly. Additionally there is a box that you can type in any comments you may have about your experience at Tilly’s.
  10. You are then asked about what your favorite brands are so that Tilly’s can work on carry more of these products.
  11. The last step is where you get to enter the drawing to win a $25 gift card. This step requires you to be at least 13 years of age, and you will need to fill out all your personal information such as your name and address. Click done and that is all!

Overall there are a lot of steps to the survey, and for people who are not patient or do not want to answer a lot of questions this survey could be quite annoying. However the chance is still there to win a gift card, and thus the incentive.