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My Macys Card | Login | Online Management

Macy's has many products that you need such as shoes, clothing, handbags, bed and bath supplies, and more. They also have a website where you can order products online and have them shipped to your home or pick them up at your local store. To be able to use the site most effectively they have created a Macy's profile. Your [...]

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University of California Irvine Billing System

The University of California, Irvine is a college located in Irvine, California.  They have been established since 1965, and they offer a variety of different academic programs for you to choose from.  In Southern California, you will find a variety of different colleges, but this one is like none other.  They have arts programs, biological science programs, business programs, medicine [...]

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Activate Visa PrePaid Card

This site provides support for many cards that are prepaid whether they are reloadable or not. It can helps for consumer as well as commercial use. Some of the cards are corporate and consumer gift cards, payroll cards, reloadable cards for general purpose, commercial cards, government and state cards, Buxx/Teen cards, travelmoney, and private label cards. These cards are able [...]

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Victorias Secret Angel Card Apply and Manage

Victoria's Secret is a brand of  that is well known in the U.S.. The store sells clothing, lingerie, swimwear, and even beauty products. If you like to shop at this store then you really need to consider applying for the angel card. This will give you many great benefits as well as convenience. You can earn a point for each [...]

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Get Your VA Benefits Card Online

If you are receiving VA Pension or compensation, OPM benefits, or RRB annuity you can get a card that will allow you to have your payments deposited directly to if using the Direct Express card. The care will allow you to get cash and make purchases at any location that allows the use of MasterCard debit cards. You will also [...]

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US Bank Gift and PrePaid Cards Online

This is a card that is prepaid that can give you and the recipient flexibility as well as convenience. You will be able to give just what they are looking for. Your friends as well as your family will be able to make purchases online using the card. They will also be able to make purchases in person and by [...]

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