So you checked your mail and you received a violation in regards to running a red light camera in your city or county. These cameras are set up for capturing either just a still picture of the vehicles license plate, or they also have the capability of capturing a short video of the violation as it happens. This is where Photo Notice comes into place. They are one of the primary sites contracted by most cities to show you “The Violator” video proof to streamline the process.

Provided below is a Step by Step Guide on how to preview your video.

  1.  As expected you will first need to have a computer that has decent internet speed capabilities.
  2. You then will then need access to your printed citation as your citation number will be needed and too have your vehicles license plate number at hand.
  3.  You will then need to copy and paste the following into your browser or simply just click the link here….
  4. Once you have arrived and the page has loaded, you will be directed to enter your citation number and license plate number to get access to the video.
  5. After entering the required information you will then want to go ahead and hit LOGIN.
  6. You now will be logged in and a new page will come up with your video.
  7.  You can play your video as many times as you would like and you can log out and then log in as many times needed as well.

According to the violation type committed, you may be able to go ahead and pay the violation right on the website. If you do pay on the official site, try and keep some sort of email confirmation or printed receipt showing you paid the violation by the due date stated on your citation paperwork you received.