Do you love fun and adventure? Are you always looking for the next cool and exciting activity to get in to? Well, if you also love Capri Sun beverages then you are in luck! There is an “Epic Adventure” game where you can enter to win adventure gear and other great prizes. You can enter to win and play the game online from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Below is a list of instructions on how to enter the game, and become a potential winner.


Required To Register For


  • A computer, PC, laptop, Internet enabled mobile device, etc.
  • Valid email address
  • Other personal information


Steps To Register For


  1. Click in the URL address bar at the top of your browser screen. Once the cursor is blinking in the URL bar, you will copy and paste the following URL:
  2. Once you are redirected to the main pain of the site, you will see a brief description of the challenge and be given the choice between three different adventures.
  3. Once you select one of the three adventures, you will be redirected to a new page.
  4.  One the new page a box will pop up with a red tab that reads “Enter Now” with a description of the prizes. You will confirm that this is the game you wish to enter by clicking that box.
  5. Then you will be redirected once again to a new page. On this page you will register your username and password, you will click the blue “Sign Up” button to the right.
  6. You will be guided through a series of questions in order to register your account, and then you will be on your way to having fun and hopefully winning some great prizes.